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Hebrew word ahabah H160 pronounced ahaVAH means LOVE.

This is Awesome. Hebrew word ahabah H160 which is pronounced ahaVAH means LOVE. His Name YAHVAH means Eternal Word and YAHSHUA is the Eternal Word because He is the Word of YAH. He is also His expression of ahaVAH, His LOVE.

Also since haVAH means to breath and to be, that means His is living breathing Eternal love which He expressed in His Word and His actions by offering Himself to save us.

Wow, think of how much that tells us.

Hebrew words revealing YAHVAH is the Creator’s Name – more words

This will be a continuing study with new words added as i find time. These Hebrew words reveal His Name is YAHVAH which means Eternal Word or Breather. You can look up these words and their meanings in Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries on the internet. The Strongs Hebrew word number is included which can be used to search the Bible with tools on the internet or search engines.

YAHH H3050 First syllable of YAHVAH H3068

YHVH H3068 From hayah H1961 to be or exist and hava H1933 to breathe or be.

Yasha H3467 to save

yesha H3468 from H3467 deliverance, salvation

kavah H3554 to penetrate or burn

tsavah H6680 to command

abah H14 pronounced avah. to be willing, consent, yield to, accept, desire

ahabah H160 pronounced ahavah. LOVE. How awesome is that.

avah H183 to wish for, covet, desire, long for

avah H184 to point out or mark

avah H185 longing, desire, lust, pleasure

achvah H262 an utterance, declaration

achavah H263 solution, showing

achavah H264 fraternity, brotherhood

EliYAH H452 YAH is El

dabar H1697 pronounced dava speech, sayings, utterance, words. This one is hidden since the B is pronounced as a V.

haVAH h1933 to breathe; to be

haVAH H1934 to exist; used in connection with other words

havvah H1942 desire; ruin; mischief; calamity; iniquity; naughty; perverse; wickedness

hovah H1943 ruin; mischief

hayah H1961 to exist; to be

hemyah H1998 sound; noise

chedvah H2304 rejoicing, gladness, joy

chedvah H2305 joy

chava’ H2324 to show

chavah H2331 to live; to declare; to show – wow

Chavvah H2332 life giver

chavvah H2333 life giving

chattaya’ H2409 an expiation(the act of making amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing; atonement); sin offering – wow

chaya’ H2418 to live; live, keep alive

chayah H2421 to live; to revive, keep or make alive; give life; live; preserve – alive; quicken; restore to life;

chelyah H2484 jewel

tavah H2901 to spin – think of creation with everything spinning small and large

ya’ab H2968 to desire; long

ya’ah H2968 to be suitable

ya’al H2973 to be slack; to be foolish

ya’al H2974 to yeild, assent, undertake

ya’ash H2976 to despond, despair; be hopeless

yavav H2980 to cry

yaval H2986 to bring, bring forth; to lead

yavesh H3001 to dry; to be ashamed, confounded, disappointed

yagav H3009 to dig, plow




It is also revealing to read the verses these words occur in. i use the Blue Letter Bible and others to search on words. You can enter the H# which will bring up all verses that contain that Hebrew word. It is very helpful in understanding the word since it may be translated to different words in other languages.

YAH means and is the sound of Eternal or to Be.

VAH is breathing and speech or Word.  Other Hebrew words show this such as tsavah which is to command which is authoritative speech or word.

This should be a revealing study. i am not a Hebrew scholar and am only looking at words and sounds and apparent possible meaning based on Scripture. i have opened comments. If you have any information that would help with the study, please provide it. i will update the post with other relevant information that people point out.

thank you