The Voices and Names in Psalms

The file is the Psalms in color showing the voices and Who is speaking to Whom. The Names and titles of YAHVAH and YAHSHUA are also pointed out with highlighting.

This was done a few years ago. There may be some things i would change today after learning more but i am going to publish it as done originally for now. You can skip my lengthy introduction where i explain the colors and editing. You may want to read the first couple pages to understand the colors though.




Hebrew word ahabah H160 pronounced ahaVAH means LOVE.

This is Awesome. Hebrew word ahabah H160 which is pronounced ahaVAH means LOVE. His Name YAHVAH means Eternal Word and YAHSHUA is the Eternal Word because He is the Word of YAH. He is also His expression of ahaVAH, His LOVE.

Also since haVAH means to breath and to be, that means His is living breathing Eternal love which He expressed in His Word and His actions by offering Himself to save us.

Wow, think of how much that tells us.