evy 1

evy 1


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  1. what a week. 70+ hours of work not counting the constant chores, with a long list that needs to be done today.

    at least two amazing sunsets, one that was incredible. pictures turned out great even while i was clicking fast as i could. found i could walk a ways out into the water with my tall boots without the water coming over the top. was in the long cove with my back against the tall flower weed stand that is over 10 feet tall. Standing in 8 inches of mud and lake water shooting like there was no tomorrow.

    Some of the show was behind me which was hard to get but i did my best while trying not to miss anything in front. the water ripples were slowly coming directly to me which made a nice affect with intense color. if the water had been calm that sunset would have been a mind blower. it already was. i think i was in the best spot to get it.

  2. it’s a fresh water lake that provides drinking water to the nearby cities. it is a big lake that covers many square miles. I am in a small section of it separated from the main body. it really is nothing special but provides an excellent backdrop for the sunsets. I can go to either side or in the middle to get pictures of the sky across water in almost any direction. that works out well for getting the sunset colors.

    there is not much wildlife here to take pictures of like there is in the area you frequent. your shots with the eagles making catches on the water are amazing too. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to get those shots. thank you for your posts.

    1. I wonder if there are any birds nesting along the shoreline anywhere? You have a great back drop but need a central subject to focus the eyes attention. If there was a Blue Heron standing in the waters,that would make a big difference!
      I know the eagles,so getting shots of them is like asking a friend to pose for you!
      thank you for explaining & I wish you great success!

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