evyaniy easy viewing

thought i would share this. the easiest way i have found to view the evyaniy site pictures is by using the home page. you can get to that by clicking the evyaniy title at the top of any post or the homepage link where found. then you can scroll down as long as you like to see the most recent pictures.

since the homepage is set up with infinite scroll, it will keep loading pictures as you page down. that makes it a lot easier than having to click on individual posts and then back and forth.

once on the homepage no more clicking required. you can use the scroll wheel or the page down on the keyboard or whatever other way you prefer.

on the homepage you can see any comments i may have added to a picture. i found using the picture caption option allows a comment that does not show up in the reader. that works perfect for an occasional short poem while still allowing the full picture to be available from the reader without having to go to the post.

thank you for viewing the pictures. i appreciate your appreciation and enjoy your posts too. thank you for sharing your world.