evy 532



7 thoughts on “evy 532

    1. i posted another pic from that night to show what the water was like before the boat went through. thankfully i took a number of pics while the water was still. it was a great water night before and after.

  1. thank you. each evening the water may be doing something different. it seems like there is always something i have not seen before either because of the water or the sky. some are more impressive than others of course. i like it when the water is throwing off all kinds of colors. that night was one of those and then a boat went through and churned things up. at first i was disappointed, till i saw what it did with the colors. then it was snappity snap time.

    1. Water is one of my favorite subjects, it’s unpredictable at times and can yield some really exciting and intriguing results. I especially like seeing how water interacts with other things, like glass. I’ll be posting an image soon of water drops on a window that I took a while ago; if I’m not mistaken I took it from the car while waiting at a red light– you never know when inspiration will strike 🙂

      1. i like the unpredictable aspect of sunsets over water. so much is going on. sometimes it all comes together for an unbelievable show. even if it is not a spectacular one, i still enjoy being out and focusing far off for a while. the birds are always up to something too. two falcons flew by together tonight. first time i saw two falcons together. each outing leaves memorable impressions and sometimes even an unforgettable sunset as a bonus for showing up. Thank you for your comments.

  2. One of the brilliant things about sunsets, or nature in general, is the variation from day to day that’ll surprise you pleasantly and give you unexpected gifts. I love just getting outside and looking around– there’s so much going on when you just take the time to look 🙂

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