My EL, My EL, why have You forsaken YAHSHUA

In the first verse of Psalm 22 when YAHSHUA cries out to YAH, He even says His Own Name. The word translated Salvation in most translations is YAHSHUA. It is like He is saying why have You forsaken Me, so far from YAHSHUA, and from the words of My groaning.

How personal is that?

Here is a more traditional translation.

My ‘El, My ‘El, why have You forsaken Me?
Why are You so far from My Salvation (YAHSHUA),
and from the words of My groaning?

Then in verse 24 it says:

22:24 For He has not despised nor abhorred
the affliction of the Afflicted,
Neither has He hidden His face from Him;
but when He(YAHSHUA) cried to Him(YAH), He heard.

The Hebrew word translated “cried” is shaVAH which is Strong’s word H7768. That word actually contains Three Hebrew letters of YAHSHUA’s Name.

ShaVAH is pronounced two ways. One is as it looks ShaVAH. The VAH of course is the second syllable in YAHVAH’s Name which means to Speak as has been discussed in other posts. So shaVAH being translated cried out further confirms His Name and the meaning and the sound.

But it does not stop there. ShaVAH is also pronounced SHUA as in YAHSHUA’s Name and the letters the two words share. Wow beyond wow. Again Their Names are connected in such an intimate way. YAHSHUA is YAH’s VAH and YAH’s Word is YAHSHUA. Hallelu YAH

my heart is humbled again. Thank You YAH.


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