The Glory of the Name of YAHVAH Whom YAHSHUA Glorifies

As discussed in a couple previous posts we can know His Name is YAHVAH from Hebrew words. When He told Moses His Name He said HAYAH or the YAH which means to Be or the Eternal. The second syllable of His Name VAH is part of Strongs Hebrew word H6680 tsavah. This word means to speak with authority as in giving a command. That is how He created. He spoke or commanded and it was done. So VAH speaks of His Authority and His Word.

When YAHVAH spoke commands what He said happened. His words were obeyed. This is where our free will comes in. He gave a command to Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The word translated command is tsavah. We know what happened next.

This is what YAHSHUA came to correct. The Law was given to Him commanding Him to love us His neighbors and to offer His Life to save us. YAHSHUA came to do YAH’s will and obey His Authority and commands in the Law. YAHSHUA used His free will to obey the tsaVAH of YAH. This is awesome revelation to keep in mind when reading Scripture because it tells us so much. YAHSHUA truly gives Glory to the Name of YAHVAH because of His obedience to the point of dying for us as was required of Him by the Law of Love.

Here is the post about the Promise of Life in the Law to YAHSHUA which explains more.

Here is the post about YAH telling Moses His Name is YAH.

Here is the post about YAHVAH being His Name.

I am not trying to upset anyone. I am simply sharing as I go. To me, this has to be shared. These truths can go far at bringing many people to saving faith in YAHSHUA. That is my desire. Please study to see if these things are true. Please correct me with Scripture.


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