He is YAHVAH the Eternal Speaker and Breather giving life to whom He will

Here is something awesomely awesome. In one verse it shows us the sound of the two syllables of His Name YHVH. It is YAHVAH and here is why.

As He told Moses, He is haYAH which means to Be, the Eternal, the YAH, I YAH, the Existing One. There is strong agreement that the pronunciation of the first part of His Name is YAH meaning Eternal.

What about the second part? There are a number of varying opinions with the most common being WEH. I have not seen a confirmation from Scripture that there is evidence for WEH being the second syllable. But there is lots of evidence for VAH being the second syllable.

There are a few Hebrew words that end in VAH the main one being Strongs Hebrew word H6680 which is tsavah which means to command. How are commands given? They are spoken, How did He create? He commanded or spoke. He is YAHVAH the Eternal Speaker. There is another Hebrew word that ends in VAH that means to breath. It is not used much in Scripture but tsaVAH is used hundreds of times. How did YAHSHUA tell us man should live? According to the Words that YAHVAH speaks.

Here are a couple verses that rocked my world tonight.

Psalm 33:8-9

Let all the earth fear YHVH, let all the people of the world stand in awe of Him.
For He spoke(amar), and it came to be(haYAH); He commanded(tsaVAH), and it stood firm.
Look at that. HaYAH followed by tsaVAH in one verse referring to His creation. He is the Eternal Speaker. He is YAHVAH speaking things into existence.
Please forgive my excitement. He just gave me the most wonderful gift of seeing His Name, I guess because I love His Name so much. I have understood His Name to be YAHVAH for a long time because of these Hebrew words . Tonight He showed me the pronunciation of His Name in a single verse about His creation. What a humongous blessing.
Hallelu YAH. He is our Salvation, YAHSHUA

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