Psalm 38 is YAHSHUA confessing our sins as His own during His suffering

Psalm 38 is YAHSHUA during His suffering confessing our sins as His own. This reveals so much. He bore our sins and became sin for us to save us. In perfect obedience and penance He confessed our iniquity as if it was His own. He is truly the perfect Sacrificial Lamb of YAH, bearing the sins of the world in His body on the cross to save us. Oh how merciful and wonderful is our Savior YAHSHUA. Believe and be His friend and not one of the enemies He prays against who seek to add insult to His suffering for us. He could not have done more to save us.

Notice also He again says it is YAH Who is punishing Him for us. His Father laid on Him our sins which He accepted as His own and pleaded for our Salvation.

This one may be difficult to embrace but there is a big blessing in seeing it. Look at verse 20 where He says He follows what is good. It is Him, and realizing that makes it so much more intimate to understand He confessed our sins as His own to save us. It is amazing to see this in His prayers.

Green is for YAH

Red is for YAHSHUA

Blue is for believers

yellow is for bad

Psalm 38
A Psalm by David, for a memorial.
(Son to Father)
38:1 YHVH don’t rebuke Me in Your wrath,
neither chasten Me in Your hot displeasure.
38:2 For Your arrows have pierced Me,
Your hand presses hard on Me.
(Son confesses our sins as His Own)
38:3 There is no soundness in My flesh
because of Your indignation,
neither is there any health in My bones
because of My sin.
38:4 For My iniquities have gone over My head.
As a heavy burden, they are too heavy for Me.
38:5 My wounds are loathsome and corrupt,
because of My foolishness.
38:6 I am pained and bowed down greatly.
I go mourning all day long.
38:7 For My waist is filled with burning.
There is no soundness in My flesh.
38:8 I am faint and severely bruised.
I have groaned by reason of the anguish of My heart.
38:9 ‘Adonay, all My desire is before You.
My groaning is not hidden from You.
38:10 My heart throbs.
My strength fails Me.
As for the light of My eyes, it has also left Me.
38:11 My loved ones and My friends
stand aloof from My plague.
My kinsmen stand far away.
38:12 they also who seek after My life lay snares.
those who seek My hurt speak mischievous things,
and meditate deceits all day long.
38:13 But I, as a deaf Man, don’t hear.
I am as a mute Man Who doesn’t open His mouth.
38:14 Yes, I am as a Man Who doesn’t hear,
in Whose mouth are no reproofs.
38:15 For in You, YHVH, do I hope.
You will answer, ‘Adonay My ‘Elohiym.
38:16 For I said, “Don’t let them gloat over Me,
or exalt themselves over Me when My foot slips.”
38:17 For I am ready to fall.
My pain is continually before Me.
38:18 For I will declare My iniquity.
I will be sorry for My sin.
38:19 But My enemies are vigorous and many.
those who hate Me without reason are numerous.
38:20 they who also render evil for good
are adversaries to Me,
because I follow what is good.
38:21 Don’t forsake Me, YHVH.
My ‘Elohiym, don’t be far from Me.
38:22 Hurry to help Me,
‘Adonay, My Salvation.


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