The promise of life in the law to YAHSHUA from YAH

There is a promise of life in the Law of YAH to YAHSHUA if He was fully obedient to the Law in giving His Life as a sacrifice for our sins. The promise is in Leviticus 18:4-5

You shall do My laws, and You shall keep My statutes, and walk in them: I Am YHVH Your Elohiym. You shall therefore keep My statutes and My laws; which if a Man does, He shall live by them. I Am YHVH.

In these verses YAH promises that if a Man keeps His laws, then that Man will live. That Man is YAHSHUA. It is a specific promise in the law to YAHSHUA that if He would give His life in obedience to the law and in love for us that He would live even if He died because the law required His life as a sacrifice for our sins to save us.

As YAHSHUA told us, the greatest commandments are to love YAH above all and to love your neighbor as yourself. That required Him to give His life to save us His neighbors since we could not save ourselves. Loving YAH above all required YAHSHUA to give His life for us in obedience to His Father Who asked Him to do this to save us because of YAH’s love for us.

So the Law was directly to and about and for YAHSHUA Who is the only Man Who could fully obey the law by offering His perfect life as a Sacrifice for sin. He had not fully obeyed the law till He breathed His last breath on the cross and died for us. At that moment He had fully obeyed and fulfilled the law of love for His Father and us.

YAHSHUA had to die for us to be completely obedient to the law. He had not fully obeyed the law till He died as the law required of Him. That is why He says from the cross “It is finished” or “It is complete” and then gave up His spirit and died. He had completed His obedience to the Law of YAH by giving His life for those who could not save themselves, us. The Law and it’s promise of life was to and for Him. He had faith in the promise that YAH would raise Him from the dead because of His obedience. His death on the cross was an act of obedience, faith and love.

Because of YAHSHUA’s complete obedience to the law of love, YAH raised Him from the dead according to the promise of life for Him in the law. Death had no claim on Him because He fully obeyed the law by dying for us.

Hallelu YAH


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