YAH is His Name

YAH is the Creator’s Name. YAH means Eternal. YAH has the sound of eternity when spoken. If you say YAH very slowly you will notice it has the sound of a passing wind with no beginning and no end. So the sound of His Name YAH is an expression of Who He Is. Hallelu YAH.

The sound of His Name YAH can be heard throughout His creation because it is through His Name and His Word that He made all things. His Name is being sounded around us constantly. Winds blowing, cars moving, fans running and anything with motion makes the sound of YAH. All sound emanates from YAH.

His Name is also in inanimate objects and the frequencies of what He has made. It is in color and rock and plants and planets and galaxies and throughout the universe.

His Name YAH is in all His creation praising Him for Who He Is.

Let the glorious Name of YAH be praised.


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